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Investing money in domain names and selling them for the price of the capital invested by the co-owners of the domain is a very profitable affair. The client invests their money to buy domain bonus points and consequently raises the selling price of the domain.

EXAMPLE: BOX-DOMAIN is the owner of the domain www.xyy.yyy and its value is equal to € 0.00. We place it on the SEDO.DE exchange, which is determined and helps to sell domains for the BOX-DOMAIN. xyy.yyy, his stake is € 500.00 and thus raises the selling price from € 0.00 to € 500.00. For his capital injection the client received around 5500 domain bonus points. The price of bonus points changes daily and brings in the annual levels around 5-10% of profits.Invested capital of customers remains in the customer account and is also owned by the customer.When selling the domain www.xyy.yyy, which was sold on the SEDO.DE domain exchange, the agency takes 11% of the price of the domain, which the investors raised with their invested money, for the purchase of domain bonus points.

EXAMPLE: a person invested € 500.00 received 5500 bonus points and raised the price of the domain to € 500.00. The agency for the sale of domains sells the domain for € 500.00 and takes 11% commission. selling prices of the domain. Investing in domain names is a simple concept, but may be difficult to understand at first. It is basically investing in domains, buying domain names and then selling them for more than you bought. Domain investors look for domains that meet their investment criteria, buy names, and then sell them to other domain investors or people who want to use the domains for the site. We offer from 100 to 200 web domains in which you can invest your money.

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